Boiler Repair

Repair Services

Purvis & Foster, Inc. has been repairing boilers long enough to have encountered nearly every type of boiler repair. We are capable of performing a wide variety of repairs on many brands of boilers.

A Purvis & Foster, Inc. representative will meet you at your job site to evaluate and provide an estimate for repair at no charge. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

Boiler Repair Experts

Purvis & Foster, Inc. is capable of performing repairs on boilers manufactured by Bryan, Easco, Combustion Engineering, Wicks, Cleaverbrooks, B & W, Lochinvar, Nebraska, Kewanee, Johnston, Fulton, Clayton, Lattner, and many others.

Repair Services:

  • Retube watertube/firetube boilers
  • Tube repairs/replacement
  • Refractory repairs/replacement
  • Economizer repairs/replacement
  • Tube sheet/firetube replacement
  • Fabrication/installation of ASME code piping
  • Knuckle fabrication and replacement
  • Alterations
  • Waterleg repairs/replacement
  • Boilers prepared for internal inspection
  • Cast iron sections replaced

Products in Stock:

  • Handhole/Manhole plates and Topog-E gaskets
  • Low water cut-off gaskets
  • Boiler tubes/ferrules
  • Safety valves, flue brushes, fireside CB kits, gauge glass sets
  • Gasket, refractory, and insulation materials
  • We offer a wide array of products; if we don’t have it, we will get it.

Dependable Fabrication

Purvis & Foster, Inc. is equipped to fabricate boiler components. Example pictured below: Firetube knuckle fabricated for Kewanee boiler repair. We are able to fabricate and install exactly what you need to keep your boiler running at its best.


Replace tube sheet, section of firetube, & all tubes in ASME Section I high pressure boiler

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